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The Approach

Drawing on years of experience, we tailor your interior or exterior living spaces to fit and support your lifestyle with beauty and ease. Collaboration is our cornerstone. We blend the relationship between designer, client, artisans, purveyors, and contractors to yield the most personalized experience. All with the flair and custom style our clients appreciate.

We listen closely to your needs in order to provide tailored designs that are both engaging and functional, beautiful and enduring.

While we believe that you can employ environmentally sustainable and healthful practices and products to fulfill a design project, we offer services throughout the "green" spectrum. No matter what, we strive to provide the level of function, style, and elegance you want, by interweaving client perspective with our broad range of classic and modern design skills and products. We will bring your project to successful fruition.

Our hunger for working with new materials coupled with proper repurposing makes it work.

We are proud to meet the (familiar to us) challenges by constantly reimagining the possibilities. We are advocates for our clients. Know that your best interests are truly taken care of when you work with us.

From the Designer

"What we see and how we see it informs who we are"
-Joanne Balaban Olen

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about Joanne Balaban Designs. Joanne Balaban Olen As a B.S. trained and continuously practicing designer since graduating from Drexel University, I have been passionate in my pursuit of design. That passion is expressed by our creating distinctive and workable living environments for discerning individuals.

My career has been storied. Employed early on by architectural firms, fabric showrooms, and lighting designers, I began work in the field as a designer of large commercial and institutional spaces, with the renowned Kenneth Parker Associates. Through that I quickly acquired a thorough but diverse set of skills, (and a diverse range of industry contacts). By the mid-80's, I founded Joanne Balaban Designs to focus on smaller scale commercial design, such as legal, medical and dental offices; rounded out with work for assisted living facilities. This created a market for my skills in residential design. That has been a pillar of our work ever since. I look forward to hearing from you, and hope that together we can bring your visions to life.

Your Design

Great spaces are reflected in the details. From window treatments to trims, molding to cabinetry, lighting to furnishings, no detail should be overlooked or left to chance. We take care of that for you.

Our custom design work includes:

  • Glass Work - stained, etched, sandblasted, and mosaics;
  • Metal Work - railings, hardware, doors & cabinetry inserts;
  • Upholstery - specialty furniture & furnishings;
  • Floors - carpets, area rugs, wood, bamboo, granite, marble and stone;
  • Concrete - counters, floors & furnishings, inside and out;
  • Lighting - fixtures, lamps, tracks, hi-tech systems and controls

These critical accents tie any space together. Let the spaces flow naturally, one into another. Enhance space using special flourishes.

And no project is complete without wall covering and collectibles - paintings, sculpture, sports memorabilia and family photos. We will help you decide just how to put it all together in the right place to really enjoy it. Past projects afforded us an opportunity to work with amazing art and collectibles, tapestries and sculpture (inside and out). Whether you have a large collection already, want to expand, or purchase that first signature piece.

We'll help guide you to the look that is distinctively yours.

Project Managment

A design project can be a daunting undertaking. We can help by finding, scheduling and managing the contractors, installers, and artisans that will bring your vision to life. We provide contractor specifications for accurate bids to help you choose the most qualified and cost effective contractor. And of course we can help you choose and place all the materials needed for your project to fly. We've handled projects of all sizes, and can pull from our experience and broad resources to suggest options suited to your unique needs.

Whether a primary residence or vacation home, expanding or down sizing, we can make your space fit your lifestyle. We provide vision and options to implement it. Whatever your needs, you will have access to a vast array of industry suppliers, fabricators, and contractors.

Let us bring together our resources and your preferences to create a space that is distinctly yours.


Considering a move or remodel, or to build-out or refresh a space? We can work together to assess the feasibility of your project. We will help determine what will fit your space so you can best decide, in advance, if it will work for you. You can budget and plan what makes sense to keep as is and what to rework, revamp, or replace. This makes it easy for you to decide if timing, cost, and scope of a planned project work for you before you commit to anything.

Already decided or need to proceed quickly? We can help you make the most out of what you have; and what best complements it. So, you know upfront how to assure the fit and finish you want.


Are you a design inspired man or woman that wants the thrill and challenge of coordinating a project dear to your heart? But you could really use help? Say you just want advice - it could be fit or color, safety or durability, cost/benefit analysis, even just a sounding board. We can provide that help. The key is making sure you spot the hidden pitfalls - those that would happen to you before you even realize. By then it is too late. And understanding the process as it really happens. What you don't know can hurt. PROTECT YOURSELF.

No project or task is too small, just because you want to be Captain of the Ship. We're always thrilled to work with motivated do-it-yourselfers, or just those who want to try their own hand at their dream or aspiration in the creative realm. CREATE & ENJOY!

Green & Outdoor Living

Do you prefer sustainable resources? Want energy efficiency? Seek to minimize your carbon footprint? We can help you carry that out and integrate it with the feel of your space, inside and out.

Love the beauty of the flowers and trees? Want to use more of your outdoors? Enjoy it longer? We integrate interior and exterior use. We offer you lots of green options. Whether you like Bluestone or stamped concrete, decks or hardscaping, a pond or pool, we will make it work for you.

Our projects include a surprisingly wide array of green and exterior features that allow you to pursue a lifestyle all your own.

LED and fiber optic lighting? Yes.
Geothermal and solar power? Yes.
Exterior spaces for entertainment - fire pits & cooking/prep areas? Yes.

Let's get talking

No matter what stage you maybe in, it’s never too early to start talking about how we can work together. Send us a message or give us a call. Looking forward to creating with you.

"Let's make it happen" -Joanne


Willing to travel anywhere exciting design challenges are found